MFA (Painting) 2019 - San Francisco Art Institute

BFA (Painting & Drawing) 2015- Louisiana State University 

Artist Statement: 

Through dynamism in my mark making, materials, and colors, I invite the viewer into my worlds of organic chaos. Integrating layers and bridges between the two-dimensional and three-dimensional allows for expansion within immersion.

These environments I create contain symbols . The eyes bring awareness and a consciousness to the scene, allowing the energies from plant and animal life, water, rock formations, storms, etc., to be aware of themselves and the viewer—linking to Aldo Leopold’s concept of the “biotic community”—switching these energies from exploitable materials into equal members in our communities. Adding detailed linework over these free, gestural marks calls for the consideration of confinement and control. Should we live outlined lives or intentionally outside of rigid systems?

By creating maximal, immersive atmospheres, filled with enchantment and vibrancy, I draw the viewer in, then staging for a dialogue about our connection to and influence on the “Natural”.